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Meet The Team



Meet Anna, the founder of Arctic Arrow. 

Anna started making and selling jewelry at age 11, when her mom bought her older sister a glass bead kit. She was inspired, and roped a younger sister into making earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and selling them at a local farmers market. That business was short lived, but in early 2017 Anna was inspired once again and, with the help of her husband Aaron, started Arctic Arrow. 

Born and raised in Bozeman, MT, this girl has always enjoyed spending time in the mountains and by rivers, and exploring the wilderness around her home. Anna also is enraptured by simple things like good books, warm drinks, campfires, blankets, star-gazing, and thunderstorms. 

More than anything, her mission is to love people and share Jesus with them. He is everything to her and is her greatest and first love. Anna has spent time in Myanmar, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Rwanda, and Uganda, all with the hopes of reaching the beautiful people who live there and showing them the deep love of the Father. She also has a heart to empower women to embrace who they are and live their life to the fullest. With this business, Anna hopes to show women how something rough can be turned into something extremely beautiful, just as we can be transformed through the power of Jesus Christ. 



Meet Aaron, painter, artist, wood carver, actor, model, photographer, film maker, pro-husband, pro-father, youth leader- you name it, Aaron can probably do it with precision and skill. 

When Anna started Arctic Arrow in 2017, Aaron was behind all the creative elements (basically Anna could only hammer metal). He's taken a back seat for the past couple of years, but he is BACK, my friends. He will mostly be working on the Woodshop side of things, but Anna is hoping to rope him in to helping with more metalwork designing. 

More bio to come!




Founded in 2017, Arctic Arrow Studio is a husband and wife team based out of the lovely Bozeman, Montana.  We love anything handmade with wood, metal, leather, and paint. Passion for creativity drives us to deliver unique and diverse pieces while maintaining a consistent quality. We endeavor to show the power of transformation and empower humankind to see this in their own lives!


All of our products are hand cut, carved, hammered, and painted with love right in the heart of Bozeman. 

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